Marocana create dvd's for "artists" of all kinds. We can either host these products here, on, or our artists can themselves choose to post the dvd on their own existing web sites. So join our contributors here or commission our dvd for your own use.

Music4Art is a platform for "artists" of all strands. Rather than view an artist's work on a silent static framework, Marocana have produced carefully crafted mini films as a more inspirational and intimate way of promoting their work.

By bespoke synchronisation from our own music compositions with both macro and micro HD video filming the innovation is complete. Simply select the classification you wish to sample and click on the Contributor you wish to view.

As this is an ever evolving website please look out for additional contributors by revisiting whenever you can. There is much still to explore. For now it is an honour and a joy to already host such iconic participants as Gary Hume, Pierre Diamantopoulo, and Ian McAllister to name but a few.

We are grateful to them for their support and enthusiasm and for helping us to get started.

Our best wishes go to Ben (and his family and friends) with our sincere thanks to him for the opportunity and privilege of presenting the inspirational photography of his late mother Penny Tweedie.

Flamenco Guitar Music




Flamenco Guitar Music Album available here